Dear Magyar Gála dancers, families and friends:

To date there are no COVID related restrictions.

- Mask wearing is optional but frequent hand washing is highly recommended
- Should government-imposed restrictions be required, HVA will abide by them.

The Hungarian Veterans’ Association
& Magyar Gála Committee

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The Magyar Gála

65th Annual Magyar Gála
February 26th, 2022

This is a black-tie event. Black tuxedos, Mess Kit, long evening gowns are required. Díszmagyar (Hungarian formal dress) may be worn.

About the Ball

The Magyar Gála is a debutante ball coupled with a strong military tradition. Since its early days in the 1950’s, the ball has grown both in scale and scope. From a humble evening of dinner and dance it blossomed into an elaborate and elegant ball filled with delightful dance performances.

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