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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a black-tie event? Are long evening gowns and tuxedos required?

Traditionally a debutante ball, or any ball or gala, is considered to be a formal occasion. Black tuxedos, mess kit, long evening gowns are required. Díszmagyar (traditional Hungarian formal dress) may also be worn to the Magyar Gála.

The ball offers a unique opportunity to experience a glimpse into a bygone era and we ask that guests fully participate in this spirit.

Where can I rent a tuxedo?

There are several places in the city that rent tuxedos. Annually we work with suppliers who offer Gala dancers and gentlemen guests favourable rates. This information is provided with the invitations.

Where can I get an evening gown?

Women’s long evening gowns may be purchased in numerous stores at very reasonable prices. Other sources are consignment stores. We do not believe in having to purchase a new long evening gown for every year. Committee members and guests frequently wear the same gown year to year.

Where and how do I purchase tickets?

Tickets generally go on sale in November preceding the Ball. Order forms may be downloaded from the website and mailed to the address indicated; or email, with the subject heading: Ball Ticket Inquiry to

What is a charity & debutante ball?

A charity ball means that it is a not for profit social event; that is, no profit is aimed for. A debutante ball means that a portion of the event is dedicated to introducing, or debuting, a group of young people. Traditionally this meant that young women were introduced into formal society. We cherish this tradition and carry on the custom of introducing the debutantes in white dresses. The debutantes and their escorts perform a waltz at the event that they have been practicing for several months.

Who do I contact to dance/participate in the Ball?

We would love to have you participate – there’s a role for everyone! Please send an inquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m interested in being a dancer. Do I need to bring a partner?

No, we do not require dancers to bring a partner. Should you have someone who would like to accompany you, we welcome them as well.

Do I need to be a good dancer?

No! All we ask is that you make a commitment and have a positive attitude.

Do I have to be Hungarian?

Not at all. We welcome anyone 16 years or older who wishes to fully participate and make the required commitments. For more information, go to Dancer Info and download the information packages, and plan to attend the Open House held in early October.

Do I need an invitation to come to the ball?

No, but pre-purchasing ball tickets is required (please see the ticket order page). If you do wish to receive a formal invitation, please send your current mailing address and contact information to